Aluminum alloys:

We have got in stock all the range of the main aluminum alloys (2017A, 2618, 5083, 5754, 7075, 6060, 6061,6082, etc...) in round bars, square bars, flat bars, hexagonal bars and tubes as well as in sheets in standard sizes or cut on request in personalized sizes ; we can also purpose coils, wires and sheets following drawings in all shades as well as anodized or painted plates.

Copper alloys:

Also, we have permanently got in stock, the tin bronzes (CuSn12, CuSn7Zn4Pb6), the aluminum bronzes (CuAl10Ni5Fe5), brass HR (CuZn19Al6, CuZn23Al4), the lead bronzes (CuSn10Pb10, CuSn5Pb20, CuSn8Pb15), in continuous casting, with a diameter from 15 mm to 330 mm in round bars and hollow sections, in square bars and flat bars (width until 310 mm) and centrifugal rings with a diameter until more than 1000 mm in short delay, as well as rough turned parts. The rolled sheets in CuSn6 and CuSn9P are in permanent storage and cut at your personal sizes. We also purpose brass and copper (CuZn39Pb2, CuZn40Pb3, CuZn36, CuA1, Cub, CuC1, etc..) in round bars, flat bars, hexagonal bars and in rolled sheets on available stock and slit coils on request.

The finishing:

For succeeding that all our products are purposed in their standard sizes or cut at your personal sizes, we have got one of the largest machines parks all over France with:

- 8 milling saws with numerical control for cutting sheets with a very high precision (EURALLIAGE guarantees some cutting with a tolerance of only some tenthes, without marks thanks to a loading system by suction).

- 4 vertical band saws for cutting your disks and forming parts.

- 8 horizontal band saws for cutting the bars until 450 mm of diameter.

- 1 breaking knife for the series of thin sheets until 6 mm of width.

- 1 packaging machine to protect your sheets.