The centrifugal casting allows to manufacture the coreless tubes.


It consists of casting some liquefied metal in a spinner animated with a rotative movement around its axis.

The liquid metal is submitted to a centrifugal force that takes it away from the rotation axis and flattens it against the spinner wall that is generally metallic.

There are three categories of centrifugal machines:

- horizontal axis centrifuges,

- oblique axis centrifuges,

- vertical axis centrifuges.

Advantages :

That process allows to obtain some excellent physical and mechanical qualities of the metal.

The centrifugal force brought during all the solidification time of the alloy limits the defects and avoids all kinds of inclusions by ejecting them to the boring. So, the structure of the metal is thinner, more compact and more homogeneous than in the casting by gravity. The mechanical characteristics consequently are improved.

The centrifugation also allows to manufacture some bimetallic parts, La centrifugation permet également de réaliser des pièces bimétalliques, conical parts and rings with flares.