The continuous casting of the non ferrous alloys is a process that is similar to a liquid state extrusion.

The casting machine can be horizontal or vertical and allows the production of high lengthes bars (standard length about 3 m).

That process allows the manufacturing of the full or cored sections in various shapes : round, square, flat, hexagonal bars and other various shapes.


The hot melt which is in a holding furnace goes into a cooled graphite die. The roll-formed bar that is totally solidified is pulled with idle pulleys that are also used as guides. Then it is cut at the requested length.


Thanks to the strong pressure that occurs in the holding furnace due to the cooling speed, the alloy has got a particularly thin, compact, homogeneous, tight structure under high pressure and has no impurities.

That process allows to obtain some semifinished products with a nice appearance, easily machinable, with precise dimensions and high mechanical characteristics.